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Experience More. Plan Less. PlanChat lets you plan anything from things around town to travel, all in one place and available to everyone regardless of their device.
Where to Next? Need inspiration for your next adventure? Access unique itineraries on a weekly basis, curated from trusted sources around the web. Each itinerary includes city guides and location details complete with maps, photos, ratings, reviews and more.
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Know When It’s the Perfect Time to Go Never miss a deal on airfare or hotels. Add destinations to your PlanChat watch list and we’ll scan millions of flight and hotel prices daily, notifying you when it’s the perfect time to buy.
Group Chat with Everyone in Your Plan Forget the endless threads of emails and unstructured text messages trying to pull a plan together. PlanChat is the industry’s only group messaging platform designed specifically for trip planning. Your plan has a private chat room to stay connected, share photos/videos and much more.
Communicate with Everyone. Even Over SMS, Email and Web! You don’t need to have the PlanChat app to communicate. Add people from your address book and they’ll be able to join the conversation with the group instantly via SMS, Email or on a website you are visiting.
Know What Messages Have Been Seen Reach people instantly! You’ll know when invited plan members have seen your invitation and who’s seen the latest message in chat.
Make Better Decisions. Faster. Create a Quick Poll and get everyone in your plan to vote on the details. The collected responses are instantly shared with everyone in your plan.
Build a Map of Your Locations Search and add hotels, restaurants, activities, sightseeing and more for thousands of destinations. Forget toggling between multiple apps to find this information. PlanChat connects content from your favorite apps and presents them mapped as elegantly curated locations complete with details, review and more. Best of all, you can add locations from any website using your iPhone or the PlanChat Chrome Extension.
Split Expenses with Plan Members PlanChat takes the awkwardness and hassle out of sharing expenses between friends, family or anyone. Add expenses as soon as they happen, snap photos of receipts and spit the bill instantly. PlanCHat will keep a tally of all shared expenses so you pay each other back with one payment via Venmo.
Your Trophy Wall of Experiences We know your experiences are precious, that’s why they deserve a home where you can reflect on them and share them with friends that are looking to follow in your footsteps.
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