Turn Travel Conversations into Commerce

UNLEASH THE POWER OF PLANNING ON YOUR WEBSITE A lot goes into planning a trip these days. On average, a traveler will visit 38 unique site, 121 times over 45 days before making a purchasing decision. According to Google’s study Travel Micro Moments: “As more research happens in the traveler's customer journey, there are more micro-moments—when people turn to a device with intent to answer an immediate need. In these moments, the stakes are high for travel brands as preferences are shaped and decisions are made. What happens in these micro-moments ultimately affects the travel decision-making process.” PlanChat provides your business with a messaging and planning platform to gain insights into these micro moments and help influence the decisions that consumers ultimately make.
Turn One Visitor into a Group… Instantly Engage desktop and mobile visitors that would have otherwise left your website with an easy-to-use planning tool. Give your website visitors a frictionless method to discuss a potential trip right from your website and grow your target audience instantly.
THE “PLAN THIS” BUTTON Encourage action by allowing a visitor to turn that “I want to getaway” moment into a plan that can be shared instantly with friends. The PlanChat Plan This button is easily customizable and can be added your website with just a few lines of code.
REAL-TIME GROUP CHAT RIGHT ON YOUR WEBSITE! Don’t let visitors disappear off your website to discuss options with their group. Your visitors can chat with friends about your location and/or content on your website in real-time. Friends can view/respond to messages sent from your website via SMS, Email or in the PlanChat app.

Data from the recent PhocusWright study, suggests that approximately 30% of leisure travelers who book travel also plan and book group travel of one kind or another. PlanChat plans typically average seven members, which are highly engaged during the research and planning phases of their trip experience.

Gain insights into this highly targeted audience and provide targeted content and offers to drive more sales. PlanChat lets you tap into the conversational commerce that will grow your business.